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I have often sat back and looked around Middleton and thought to myself "What a great community this is to be a part of!"  

During these busy times I tend to need to remind myself why I moved to Middleton and why I chose to open my business here.  Middleton has a wonderful sense of fellowship and a strong desire to make living here a treasured experience.  When I set out to be more involved with the Middleton Chamber I did not do so with the intent to be "just a member" and go on my way, but to get heavily involved by giving back to our community and also by partaking in the many networking opportunities that the Chamber had to offer.  Sadly I would have to admit that during the first year I was not as active as I should have or could have been, but I did notice that once I started turning that corner and applying myself to community events that I saw my business begin to grow.  I do not think that it is a coincidence but a fact that if you give back to your community the community will give back to you.

During this year I hope that you and your business will take that extra step this year that is required to do this, and that you find what being truly involved in your community means.

Thank you,

Jeremy Fielding, President 

Welcome to the Middleton Chamber

The vision of the Chamber is to continue to bring growth, vitality, and perpetuate business in the Middleton Community. Partnering with organizations and individuals is very important to the Chamber and we hope to make Middleton a “great place to live and do business.” Living and growing together.

Up Coming Events

This summer and fall are fun times for our Chamber. Make plans to come to the 4th of July Celebration and The Fall Craft Bazaar in October.