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Greater Middleton Parks & Recreation District

Contact Person: Tim O'Meara / Lori Sprattley

Address:  310 N. Hawthorne  

Middleton, Idaho  83644

Phone:  (208) 585-3461



In March, 1996, a committee led by local residents Clair Tepfer, Sherry Maupin and David Gray joined together to establish a “recreation district” within the boundaries of the Middleton School District.  They gathered enough signatures to have it placed on the ballot in May.  This initiative overwhelmingly passed with 532 votes in favor of forming the district and 269 against.  The Greater Middleton Parks and Recreation (GMPRD) is a taxing entity and has a governing board of three commissioners.
In July of 1996, Governor Batt appointed the new Commissioners for the Greater Middleton Parks and Recreation District

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